The Snozzberries

What are The Snozzberries? Swirling psychedelia, funk and fusion in lively whirlwind of sonic pleasure, The Snozzberries are Asheville's freakiest musical pioneers. This high-energy powerhouse channels the head-bobbing grooves of Vulfpeck, the oddity of Primus, and the intensity of Umphrey’s McGee.

Since their formation in fall of 2017, The Snozzberries have been building their name as the Southeast's most electrifying live band.  Their infectious grooves have been unavoidable for Asheville concert goers, who caught them headlining the Asheville Music Hall, opening for The Werks, and hosting night one of the Disco Biscuits after-parties.  In recent months, The Snozzberries have expanded into Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia to much acclaim. Come join the party where the jams are fresh and the vibes are dialed in just right.

Can't figure it out yet?  Here's a hint: The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries!