Asheville’s Snozzberries Releasing New Tracks -

January 18, 2019


If Willy Wonka taught us anything, it was there is such a thing as Snozzberries. That existence will be reinforced as high-energy powerhouse funk fusion jammers The Snozzberries make waves through the region with a new release.  Jan. 22, the Asheville-based band will release a two-track single called “No Evil”.

Recorded here at The Eagle Room, these two studio cuts reflect The Snozzberries’ incredible musical array, ranging from at times thoughtful bliss to visceral excitement. The title track finds The Snozzberries channeling their inner psychedelic pop a la The Flaming Lips. The whispery sing-song verses swirl from Paul Simon-esque dance grooves into a Red Hot Chili Peppers arena-rock chorus, culminating in a soaring keyboard solo atop an infectious jangle-pop rhythm.

At the opposite end of the musical spectrum emerges “Snitchin’ Randy,” a roaring progressive face-melter in the vein of Umphrey’s McGee and Frank Zappa. The band navigates this pulse-pounding rocker, sneaking in emotional guitar leads amidst the diminished licks. A tripped-out bass solo separates the song mid-point, leading to a high-energy funkadelic bridge and a relentless whiplash ending. Both songs were created in the spirit of collaboration, each band member adding their own unique flavor.

Get details on the band’s new music here, along with its latest scheduled appearances around the region.