MandoCyn + Pimps of Pompe

MandoCyn (solo):

Few have dared to travel into the untamed forests of solo mandolin performance, but Miss Cindy is committed to blazing that trail. With a rich cache of ear-catching chords and inventive melodies, Cindy guides her listeners through some of her favorite musical territory. Though vintage jazz and Brazilian choro may be unfamiliar to today's modern ears, Cindy's sweet voice and loving spirit provide a welcoming beacon, an invitation to explore and embrace the unfamiliar. Her original material draws from an even wider range of influences, from R&B and reggae to French gypsy waltzes and all-nighters in Cajun country. No matter the song, the lifeblood of Cindy's show is her ever-expanding love for music, life and togetherness.

You may know Cynthia as the lady with the Jethro Burns tattoo. Like her musical hero, she strives to infuse her music with a playful and inventive spirit. Extensive touring and traveling around the US and Europe inspire her diverse musical interests. Her sultry, smooth vocals can transport you to a cozy French cafe or a swinging speakeasy. A fresh, versatile approach to the mandolin shows that Cindy is equally at home picking a rip-roarin' bluegrass tune or evoking the mellow mood of a jazz ballad. You can find Cynthia in a variety of ensembles, from gypsy jazz to honky tonk, in her new home of Asheville, NC, as well as playing solo, featuring her original material along with some of her favorite jazz and American music standards.

Pimps of Pompe

Taking a Postmodern Jukebox approach, the Pimps of Pompe adapt hip-hop and R&B hits to the lively melodies and driving rhythm of gypsy jazz, pimping out what they call "la pompe" in French. Cynthia (mandolin, vocals) also has a growing repertoire of original material in this fusion of genres. The band's acoustic instrumentation (mandolin, guitar and upright bass) keeps the music rooted in tradition, but the sound is fresh and innovative. The resulting blend of harmonic sophistication and contemporary lyrics is modern-day folk music that would make Django Reinhardt and Snoop Dogg equally proud.